One year from the date of original purchase, any part of an Ava Water filter reverse osmosis water treatment system will be replaced or repaired which is found to be defective in operation due to bad materials or workmanship, with the exception of the replaceable filters and membranes.
General Conditions
Damage to any part of the reverse osmosis water treatment system will not be covered under this warranty policy if it is due to misuse; misapplication; installation; accident; alteration; negligence; or use that contradicts the instructions, incompatibility with accessories not installed by Ava Water Filter, or damage caused by flooding, fire, freezing, or Acts of God. In all of these cases, the same charges to repair or replace the reverse osmosis water filter system will apply. This is a limited warranty and is therefore void if the claimer is not the one who originally purchased the unit or if the unit has not been operated under normal municipal water or well water conditions.
The makers assume no warranty liability in connection with the reverse osmosis water treatment system other than what has been specified here. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties on this product, either expressed or implied, including all other warranties of fitness for a specific purpose. We do not encourage any representative or person to assume responsibility for the sale of the reverse osmosis water filter system either. There are years of design, research and production behind this product and the reverse osmosis drinking water system has been carefully tested and approved at our factory. Through this type of warranty, we are demonstrating our confidence, in writing, about our equipment. While we have the utmost confidence in all of our reverse osmosis water filter systems, it does not mean some models are not without fault and won’t be prone to malfunction within a year’s time.

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