Privacy & Security

Our company does not sell, give or rent your name, email address or any other personal information you enter into our system to any third parties. We do not involve  in telemarketing in order to sell our products, nor do we engage in email spam meant to flood your inboxes. If we do happen to contact you, it is because we need to get more information regarding an order you made to our company, ensuring that we got everything you sent to us correct and you receive your items in a timely, correct manner. We will also contact you if you have contacted us and we are simply returning a call or email. Otherwise, anyone calling and identifying themselves as being from our company is probably not us.

Customer Feedback
We may use comments you leave for us in our Customer Comments section. This can include your first name or initials, your city, your state and country of origin. If you have a problem with us using any of this, please contact us and we will take it down, as we don’t want to make our customers uncomfortable in any way or impose upon their rights to privacy.
Secure Shopping
Our site is also very secure. We encrypt your credit card information as well as any other personal information you put onto our site for ordering through our online shopping cart. We also update our site regularly with the newest secure shopping cart systems that are available to eCommerce companies and the highest industry standard technology, Secure Socket Layer or SSL, so that you can feel secure that all transactions and information that occurs on our site is protected.

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