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“Purchasing the reverse osmosis system and installing it in my home was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my family. Everything about the process was easy; the order, having it shipped right to my door, and installing it myself in no time at all. I never had to pay for a handy man to come fix it, the instructions were easy enough for me to do it myself. I am so glad I got this system, but my only regret is not buying it soon! My family and I now enjoy the purest, freshest-tasting water I’ve ever had and we never even have to think about! Highly recommended service!” –Paul M.
“My skin was so dry and flaky and I couldn’t stand it. I was telling a co-worker and he mentioned this damage was probably being caused by chlorine in my water. Since I shower so much do to sports he recommended that I purchase a shower filter to see if it helped improve my skin. Since I live alone I wasn’t sure what that would entail but I looked online. I found one on avawaterfilter.com and saw their model fit on all showers and it didn’t requiring plumbing- it was easy to use and install so I purchased it. I started using it and i couldn’t believe the difference. It worked so well. My skin is now much healthier. Everyone should have a shower filter”. – Andrea Ballentine . Richmond Hill, Ontario
“I was shopping around for a countertop filter for our office and when I landed on the avawaterfilter.com website the “1 stage countertop filter” in red caught my eye. I decided to order one and it shipped really quickly. I set it up in no time and we had nice, clean, fresh water to drink. The machine is small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space which is good since our space is limited. It’s also become quite the talking piece as it stands out and clients ask about it all the time. I’ve just placed additional orders for more of these for our 2 other office locations. It’s a great product that really works!!” -Guy Sanderson
“I have city water and decided to purchase the shower filter for both showers in my home. The horrible egg smell and the awful residue that the hard water leaves is now completely gone. Getting well water is not an option where I live, so this was a cheap but effective alternative. Very easy installation! It works like a charm. I know have no chlorine smell, and it’s drastically improved the feeling of my hair and skin. No more chemicals in my water! I will be a customer for life and have referred all of my friends and family to Ava!” –Janet D.
“Happy owner of a countertop filter! We have the chrome filters installed in both sinks in our home. They work great and they look really nice! I’m now adding them to every sink in all 3 of my rental properties. The water quality is undeniable. The smell and taste is perfect and even the texture of the water seems smoother! A great investment!” –Ken
“It’s about time someone has made an affordable, effective and efficient carbon block filter available for purchase. I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable one that works for quite some time and a neighbour recently told me about avawaterfilter.com I went online to check it out and placed my first order and i was hooked. Delivery is fast, pricing is super cheap and these filters do a fabulous job. I have now purchased a whole bunch more for my office and my home. I’ll be recommending this product to everyone I know. Thanks avawaterfilter.com. i will be back again soon”.- Ryan Leedons
“FIVE STARS! We’re currently renovating a condo. It’s been a nightmare every step of the way, with the one bright spot being the service we received from Ava Water Filters! Absolutely fantastic experience. This company gets customer service. My calls were answered instantly, pricing was extremely competitive, and the simplest worry free shipping around. They treated me with the up most respect, and weren’t bothered by any questions I had for them, big or small. I trust this company and would recommend them to anyone!” -Mary L.
“I contacted Ava water filter to ask some questions about a few products i was looking to purchase. I must say that their customer service is absolutely outstanding. I was able to get all of my questions answered fast and i felt confident making my purchases. avawaterfilter.com will be getting my business from here on out. Nobody else compares to the service they have been able to offer me. Keep up the great job.” -Donna Lynn Smith
“Recently after doing much research our family decided to purchase the “36 gpd 5 stage reverse osmosis system” from avawaterfilter.com .this system is built in the u.s.a with high performance parts and that was a big factor in our decision. We couldn’t be any happier with our purchase. Our order shipped fast, the system was easy to install and it looked great. The best part is our water now tastes so fresh and its going to save us so much money in the long run. It’s much better than buying bottled water. I highly recommend this system and avawaterfilter.com to everyone. If you want great products, prices and service you’ll find that at avawaterfilter.com” -Jennifer Arnold
“I now buy my carbon block filters for my home, vacation home, and my offices from Ava. Trust me when I say this, do not waste your time buying from the Wal Mart’s and Home Depots of the world. They’re not professionals and know nothing about water filtration at all! I needed answers and superior customer service and I finally got it here.” –Jim
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