Shower Filters: Save Your Hair And Health

UntitledWhile you’re enjoying a good, warm shower after a tiring day, little do you know that your shower head is spraying water filled with toxic chemicals and bacteria! And this can put you at risk for an array of health problems ranging from skin dryness and inflammation to life-endangering illnesses.

Essentially, without a shower filter in place, you are allowing pesticides on your head. And by pesticide, we specifically mean chlorine and fluoride, which kill dangerous pathogens and other beneficial bacteria on our bodies.

Stated below is a quick overview of the associated risks, backed by evidence, along with the benefits you reap by installing shower filters:

Bacteria Live In Shower Heads

According to a Biology Professor, Mr. Norman Pace in the University of Colorado, people don’t shower alone. They shower with millions of microbes and bacteria that are loaded on the inside of the unfiltered shower head.

Mr. Norman conducted a study in which around 50 shower heads from across the U.S. were analyzed to determine buildup of biofilm inside. The results of the study are stated below:

The conclusions of the study revealed that 60% of the shower heads consisted of bacteria and germs. And the most common type amongst them was Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen that leads to pulmonary disease. Even the New York Times reported this study and talked about carcinogenic bacteria budding in the shower heads.

Shower Filters Can Save You Money and Improve Your Skin and Hair

In addition to health benefits, there are a host of cosmetic benefits of installing shower filters. When you don’t have a shower filter, even the slightest level of chlorine in the shower water can adversely affect your skin and hair. It takes away the natural moisture from your skin.2

However, with a shower filter, the water coming in from shower heads will comprise balanced chemicals, leaving a naturally supple and shiny skin. And if your skin is sensitive with frequent appearance of red, itchy patches, shower filters will certainly help.

The same applies to your hair. Chlorine in water is known to strip essential oils off your hair and scalp, leaving you with dry and frizzy hair, and an irritated scalp. Shower filters, on the other hand, brings back your hair’s natural shine and quality, refining frizz and increasing suppleness. In addition, you will also save a lot of money that often goes wasted in treating your hair money with expensive shampoos and conditioners, hot oil massages and frequent salon trips.

Did that convince you to get a high-quality, efficient, and affordable shower filter? We have a full range of water filtration systems that make use of reverse osmosis treatment to supply clean water at all times. Call us now at 1-888-378-7296 to place orders.