RO Myths Busted: Getting Facts Straight

1Two of the major concerns today are water-borne diseases and reduced supply of clean drinking water. Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to conserve or access safe drinking water. And, in effect, families are coming up with various ways of ensuring clean water supplies in their homes.

While some people rely on a third-party water supplier, most people invest in water filtration systems that are installed across their homes. And reverse osmosis filter units continue to be one of the most popular options today.

However, reverse osmosis treatment is also surrounded by quite a few myths. We’ve listed down some of them for you, debunking each:

Myth#1 – RO produces a lot of Waste Water

The purpose of purifying water through reverse osmosis is to eliminate the waste matter and contaminants from it. To some extent, it would be right to say that reverse osmosis does produce waste water. However, this waste water is produced when filters drain away all the harmful chemicals and materials from the membranes. And this further allows the membrane to remain in optimum condition, lasting for about 4 to 5 years. Furthermore, this also means that the pollutants will not remain in the membrane, rather get drained out at regular intervals.

All in all, the amount of waste water produced by RO unit is very insignificant.

Myth#2 – Water Softeners in RO Shower Filter Units Leave a Slippery Film on the Skin

Calcium and magnesium are commonly found in tap water. These molecules make the water ‘hard’. This is why RO filtration systems comprise water softeners. Not only are they an essential component, but also one of the primary reasons why reverse osmosis filtered water is considered safe for body, skin and hair. However, a number of reports have been made regarding the formation of a slippery layer on the skin after shower from RO filtered water.

Even though it sounds alarming for people, the slippery layer is actually soap that deeply gets absorbed into the dermal layer. As a result, your skin becomes more moisturized, soft and supple than ever. Now, you no longer need to panic about issues like dry skin.

Myth#3 – RO Water Drains Minerals from the Body

2In July 2008, a Colorado newspaper contacted the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to determine if RO units take away essential minerals from the body. The spokesperson at EPA stated that they didn’t support this notion at all.

In addition, the Water Quality Association also refuted the concept of reverse osmosis water draining out minerals in the body in a report published in 1993, ‘Consumption of Low TDS Water’. The study published in the report provided sufficient evidence that RO-treated water produces no detrimental effects on humans.

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