How to Reduce Exposure to Fluoride

Fluoride was first added to water in the 1940s to prevent tooth decay. It was an experiment to see how it would impact tooth decay. But during that time, no dental product contained fluoride as an ingredient. Within a span of 60 years, the use of fluoride increased. Not only is it an active ingredient in dental products, but other products as well.

These include:

If taken in high doses, fluoride can cause damage to bone tissues. A report published by Fluoride Alert shows that the substance contains enough harmful elements to cause brain damage. This occurs if there is exposure to high amounts, accompanied by an iodine deficiency.

Another report published by Fluoride Alert shows that high amounts of the substance has proven to interfere with cognitive functions, and has been linked to dementia.

Ways to Reduce Exposure to Fluoride

While the use of fluoride as an ingredient has increased tremendously in the last 60 years, it’s possible to reduce exposure to the harmful substance. Taking a few simple steps can prevent developing problems that result from the exposure of the substance. Here’s what you can do:

Don’t Drink from Public Fountains: Don’t drink from public fountains unless you’re sure that it’s been filtered.

Most public fountains don’t remove chlorine and fluoride from the water. The filter system installed inside homes thoroughly filter water and purify it, rendering it safe to consume.

Check Ingredients Before Purchasing: Since fluoride has become commonplace, make sure to check ingredients listed behind packages. If you’re purchasing canned food—especially tuna—make sure to check the label. Canned seafood contains traces of fluoride.

Other products to check are fizzy drinks. Sodas contain small amounts of fluoride in them. Certain types of teas—like black and red tea—should also be avoided.

Install a Reverse Osmosis System: Through a reverse osmosis helps de-mineralize and de-ionize drinking water. This is one through a semi-permeable RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane.

Filtering water will help get rid of the harmful bacteria, chlorine and fluoride in the water, rendering it safe to consume. You can even install a shower fluoride filter to help get rid of the substance from your water tank.

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