Reasons Why Your Dogs Should Drink Filtered Water Too

1Many responsible pet owners around the world spend a huge amount of time on finding the perfect diet plan for their faithful friend, but somehow, neglect the importance of filtered water for it.

As strange as that might sound, your dog can also face the negative consequences of drinking unhealthy water (just like you). We at Ava Water Filter have outlined some reasons why your fido should also drink filtered water. Read on:

Filtered Water is Free from Contaminants

Well, this one’s pretty obvious. Tap water is home to many contaminants, thanks to rusty copper pipes. Too much of copper can not only lead to lung diseases in humans, it can also prove to be damaging to the dog’s lungs.

On the other hand, filtered water will have no such consequences. Clean water going through your pet’s lungs will ensure that it stays safe.

Filtered Water Is Also Quite Low on Chlorine

The water that comes through our tap has been chlorinated. This is a precautionary measure that ensures that bacteria and other contaminants are removed from the water. However, chlorine itself is not safe to drink. This water is neither safe for human nor for dogs. Having your water filtered will save your furry friend from harmful health consequences of chlorine.

Filtered Water That Is Cold Actually Can Prove To Be Healthy for Dogs

It has been widely, but wrongly, believed that cold or icy water can cause bloating in dogs that can be life-threatening. On the contrary, cold water can have quite a few benefits for your fido. One of these benefits includes helping it get rid of water drinking binges. More importantly, cold water will bring a precious smile on your pet’s face. The cold water, however, must be filtered.

Filtered Water Decreases Tear Staining in Dogs

You might have noticed those dark tear stains under a dog’s eyes. These stains are quite common in dogs with white or light colored fur. Generally, this condition is associated with unhealthy diet. However, unfiltered tap water is also a likely cause. Because this water contains a massive amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), it can lead to tear staining.2

To avoid all of these problems, make sure that you give only filtered water to your pet.

We at Ava Water Filter ensure your dog’s well being by providing highly effective Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems. From chlorine shower filters to counter top water filtration systems, the company offers a variety of options to help you get clean water.