Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

1An average adult human body is 55-60% water; whereas, babies’ bodies are 75% water.

Moreover, human brain is made of 70% water, while the lungs are about 90%. Given these facts, the quality of water we consume can have a tremendous impact on our health and overall being.

However, it is unfortunate that gaining access to clean and pure drinking water is getting difficult over the passage of time.

Tap water in our homes comprise dangerous chemicals as a part of the water treatment process—mainly Chlorine and Fluoride. The Safe Water Drinking Act regulates merely 91 water contaminants. What about 60,000 chemicals found in water that are considered cancerous?

Here are a few potentially hazardous contaminants found in water:


For more than 5 decades now, the U.S. government has authorized the addition of fluoride in water supplies to treat various dental problems.

Conversely, the latest research in this regard states that fluoride is one of the chemicals utilized in rat poison, and does more damage than good. It increases the risk of fractures, while repressing the immune system, as well as thyroids. Lastly, fluoride also increases the risk of cancer, and alters the normal pineal gland function.

A number of European countries have prohibited fluoride use. Moreover, there is a massive activist movement in progress to get the chemical banned.


A number of water treatment facilities utilize chlorine for disinfecting water. This chemical is known to eliminate various microbes in water.

However, chlorine is toxic and has a damaging effect on human health and body. Moreover, it is considered as one of the primary causes behind bladder cancer. Moreover, chlorine has been linked with breast and rectal cancers too. Lastly, chlorine also contributes to birth defects, breathing problems, and premature skin aging.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

According to medical studies conducted recently, various pharmaceutical drugs are increasingly making way to the water we drink.

Tap water in our homes often comprises painkillers, anti-depression pills, birth control medications, and other psychiatric pills. Needless to say, the purity of municipal water supplies is subjected to a big question mark.

Also, arsenic, hexavalent chromium, lead, aluminum, and other heavy metals are increasingly contaminating drinking water.

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