Iron and Sulfur Water Treatment Process Removal

If you have a well water supply, then you probably already know about the problem associated with water treatment process of iron and sulfur in your water supply. High amounts of iron in the water can cause orange brown stains on your fixtures and in your water basins, and sulfur can create horrible smells whenever you run water within your home. However, there are a number of different drinking water treatment systems that can remove the iron and sulfur from your water supply.

What Are the Signs of Iron and Manganese Problems?

As mentioned, large concentrations of iron and manganese in your water supply will be noticeable because of the bright orange stains that are left behind on water fixtures and in basins. These stains can also be seen in the basin of your toilet and while they won’t hurt these fixtures, they are terrible to look at and are a constant reminder to those who live with it that they have too much iron in their water.

Removing Iron from Well Water

Iron can be removed from the well water with a variety of products and pure water systems. However, you must first determine how much iron is in the water by testing it before you can purchase the correct water treatment system. If you do not test the water for iron and know exactly how much is in the well water, you may end up spending hundreds of dollars on products and systems unnecessarily, wasting both time and money.

What are the Signs of Sulfur in Well Water?

The signs of sulfur in a water supply are apparent as soon as you turn on the faucet, as a stink of rotten egg will be readily apparent, signaling a lot of sulfur in the water. This is not only a disgusting thing to experience when drinking water, it is terrible to have to live with. Fortunately, there are a number of sulfur removal products and water treatment process solutions out there for purchase.

Removing Sulfur from the Well Water Supply

Before doing anything to your well water supply that smells strongly of sulfur, you must first get the water tested to make sure it is only sulfur in the water. This test will also tell you how much sulfur is in your water supply, as this will effect what type of water treatment system or products you end up purchasing to purify the well water. If you do not test the water, you may end up woefully spending hundreds of dollars on products or equipment that will not do the job correctly and waste both your time and your money. However, with a well water test, you will be able to pinpoint exactly what products you need to remove the sulfur taste and smell and be guaranteed to remove it from your water supply once and for all. Taking the time to get this proper test is worth it, because it is the only way to ensure your well water problem will be solved. – well water filter