Health Effects of Consuming Metallic Water

1It is common to find insignificant amounts of metals in water. Existing in such low volumes, they pose no serious threat to our health. In fact, a few metals are needed by our bodies to survive and function well. These include calcium, potassium etc. And then there are some that facilitate enzymatic activities such as iron, zinc, copper etc.

However, major concern arises when these and other metals are found in significant quantities.  Consumption of water that’s loaded with metals such as cadmium, chromium, lead, selenium etc, can lead to detrimental effects to our health and well being.

These metals in water either occur organically, or as a result of contamination. Whatever the reason is, we must make sure that the water we consume is clean, safe and hygienic.

Stated below are health outcomes of some metals found in drinking water:


This is the most widely found metals in the earth’s layers. Therefore, it is not surprising that ground water has high aluminum content in it.  As of now, a number of research studies are being conducted to determine the affect of aluminum intake and poorly performing nervous systems.


Arsenic is found in our surrounding in considerable levels. That’s mainly because of its organic presence and its widespread use in insecticides and pesticides. There are a number of prominent symptoms that arise when high-level arsenic consumption takes place. Some of them include formation of white lines on finger and toe nails, hair loss, weight loss, etc.


Increased consumption of cadmium has been related with a number of illnesses including high blood pressure, kidney problems, and even genetic changes.


Cases have been reported where high exposure to chromium has resulted in lung cancers.


It must be noted that iron in water isn’t a direct source of health concern. However, it poses threat by amplifying the effect of disease-causing organisms found in water – most of them requiring iron to grow.


Lead is often referred to as a slow poison. That’s because it continues to stay in the body post-exposure. Kids aged below three years are most vulnerable to lead poisoning from water. Some of the symptoms include:2

Some severe symptoms include:

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