Fluoride Officially Classified As a Neurotoxin, Says Study

1The efforts towards eradicating industrialized sodium fluoride present in water supplies all over the world have been receiving attention lately. It is notable that the evidence surfacing is not in favor of the chemical additions being made from multiple sources.

In the recent past, a report emerged from the oldest medical journal, The Lancet. According to this, fluoride has been legitimately categorized as a neurotoxin. What’s more astounding is that it now falls under the same group as mercury, lead and arsenic.

Harmful Industrial Chemicals

As the report summarizes, there are 5 different kinds of industrial chemicals that are potentially classified as neurotoxins:

  1. Methylmercury,
  2. Arsenic,
  3. Lead,
  4. Toluene and,
  5. Polychlorinated biphenyls

Further in the report, further 6 developmental neurotoxins are recognized, namely:

Fluoride and Its Associated Impairments

In The Lancet Journal, authors recommended a worldwide prevention tactic, asserting that unproven chemicals mustn’t be recognized as harmless for the development of brain. Moreover, he also stated that the chemicals being currently used as well as the new ones must be verified for progressive neurotoxicity.

2Furthermore, the report says that a host of brain-related disabilities such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and other mental weaknesses are impacting countless children across the globe. This is what they referred to as a, ‘plague of developmental neurotoxicity.’

It is notable that this report corresponds to the findings of the year 2013 in Harvard University. It was a meta-analysis that was sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.  The findings revealed that kids in the areas with fluoride concentration in water had considerably reduced IQ levels than children situated in areas with lesser fluoride contamination.

Fluoride and Cancer

The presence of Sodium fluoride in water supplies entering our homes has been long associated with different kinds of cancers. Sodium Chloride is quite different from the organic calcium fluoride. It is conventionally added to drinking water supplies, and is utilized safely by dentists across the US.

It is a widely known fact that fluoride in certain quantities is beneficial in drinking water supplies. However to be on the safe side, installing shower filters and countertop filters for fluoride and chlorine is a safe move.

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