Busting Some Myths About Water Filtration Systems

UntitledThere are false beliefs about everything in this world – water filters and water filtration systems included. With this particular subject in question, these myths stem from a host of reasons such as lack of access to accurate information and, of course, wrong information circulated by misguided people around. And unfortunately, these myths often don’t hold up to closer examination.

Keep reading below and bust some common misconceptions about water filtration systems to learn about their effectiveness and significance:

Myth#1 – Water Filters are High-Maintenance

One of the most common myths about water filters is that they require high-level maintenance. While of course water filters need maintenance just like anything else, the maintenance sessions are conducted at longer time intervals.

In most cases, the cartridges in water filters offer a service life of six months (approximately), after which they’re replaced with new cartridges. Moreover, the filters are changed at least after a period of two years, which certainly doesn’t count as high-maintenance. Even under-sink filters that are more frequently used than fridge water filters require cartridge replacement after six months.

Myth#2 – The Water Purifier in the Refrigerator is Sufficient

The truth of the matter is that purifiers in the refrigerator work well enough to do away with large-sized minerals (such as sand and dirt). In addition to that, they remove some bad taste and odor. On the other hand, when you invest in a water purification system that makes use of reverse osmosis water treatment to filter water, it does away with common bacteria found in water, including lead, sulfur and other contaminants that cause illnesses. In a nutshell, refrigerator purifiers are plain quick fixes, whereas, water filtration systems offer a long-term solution.

Myth#3 – Softening, Purifying, and Filtering Are All Same

2To break this myth, it is important to understand the difference between these three. To begin with, know that city water has rising levels of chlorine utilized to cleanse and exterminate illness-causing bacteria.

In this regard, standard water softeners offer no help. This means that the city water you drink is the same as the water in a local pool, unless of course, you have a water purifier installed.

Typically, water purifiers are intended to get rid of the minerals and chemicals that are often missed out by softeners.

On the other hand, filters are primarily premeditated to supply clean drinking water in homes. And it does so by eliminating excessive amounts of bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants which softeners fail to cope with. So if you’re a homeowner that deals with some major iron, lead, or sulfur issues, our whole house water filtration system is just what you need to improve the quality of your water.

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