Reasons Why Your Dogs Should Drink Filtered Water Too

Many responsible pet owners around the world spend a huge amount of time on finding the perfect diet plan for their faithful friend, but somehow, neglect the importance of filtered water for it. As strange as that might sound, your dog can also face the negative consequences of drinking unhealthy water (just like you). We […]

Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

An average adult human body is 55-60% water; whereas, babies’ bodies are 75% water. Moreover, human brain is made of 70% water, while the lungs are about 90%. Given these facts, the quality of water we consume can have a tremendous impact on our health and overall being. However, it is unfortunate that gaining access […]

Tap Water: Can You Trust The US Government?

Amid the case of lead contamination in Flint, to the black water bursting out of pipes in Texas, and recent chemical pollution in New York; it’s natural to be unsure about the purity and safety of the water gushing out of our taps. Is it sensible to solely rely on the U.S. government for safe […]

Nitrate in Water: The Hidden Killer

Nitrates are naturally occurring compounds that are basically combination of nitrogen and oxygen. Even though they are absolutely harmless at low levels, excessive amounts can pose serious risk to human health. Generally, nitrate content is difficult to filter out from water. Various sources of water comprise very low amounts of nitrate. However, undue amounts can […]

What Polluted Water Can Do to You

Nothing can be more closely associated than life and water. The water content present in our bodies not only functions as solvents, but also maintains body temperature. Rightly said, water is one of the few things that have made life possible on earth. An adult human body is made up of 70% water, whereas, an […]

RO Myths Busted: Getting Facts Straight

Two of the major concerns today are water-borne diseases and reduced supply of clean drinking water. Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to conserve or access safe drinking water. And, in effect, families are coming up with various ways of ensuring clean water supplies in their homes. While some people rely on a […]

Health Effects of Consuming Metallic Water

It is common to find insignificant amounts of metals in water. Existing in such low volumes, they pose no serious threat to our health. In fact, a few metals are needed by our bodies to survive and function well. These include calcium, potassium etc. And then there are some that facilitate enzymatic activities such as […]

Fluoride Officially Classified As a Neurotoxin, Says Study

The efforts towards eradicating industrialized sodium fluoride present in water supplies all over the world have been receiving attention lately. It is notable that the evidence surfacing is not in favor of the chemical additions being made from multiple sources. In the recent past, a report emerged from the oldest medical journal, The Lancet. According […]

Why You Shouldn’t Think Twice Before Getting an RO Filter

If you are on the lookout for a water filtration system that will supply you with clean and fresh drinking water at all times, make sure you choose one which purifies water using Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment. As one of the most popular and best water filtration methods, this water treatment is known to eliminate […]

Shower Filters: Save Your Hair And Health

While you’re enjoying a good, warm shower after a tiring day, little do you know that your shower head is spraying water filled with toxic chemicals and bacteria! And this can put you at risk for an array of health problems ranging from skin dryness and inflammation to life-endangering illnesses. Essentially, without a shower filter […]

Busting Some Myths About Water Filtration Systems

There are false beliefs about everything in this world – water filters and water filtration systems included. With this particular subject in question, these myths stem from a host of reasons such as lack of access to accurate information and, of course, wrong information circulated by misguided people around. And unfortunately, these myths often don’t […]