How to Tell If Your Drinking Water is Safe

There are always reports of toxins lurking in drinking water in the news. But you don’t expect that to happen in some countries. Water is filtered everywhere in the U.S. so there’s no need to worry, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is dedicated to ensuring clean water […]

What to Consider When Buying a Water Filter

Buying bottled water is one of the fastest ways to getting your hands on clean, filtered water. But over time, it can become an expensive option. Many homeowners rely on tap water but that is an unhealthy and deadly choice. Last year, The Natural Resources Defense Council filed a petition requesting the EPA to place a […]

How to Reduce Exposure to Fluoride

Fluoride was first added to water in the 1940s to prevent tooth decay. It was an experiment to see how it would impact tooth decay. But during that time, no dental product contained fluoride as an ingredient. Within a span of 60 years, the use of fluoride increased. Not only is it an active ingredient […]

Why Active Carbon Block Water Filter Is Your Best Choice

Are you long for a water purifier that will eliminate all the impurities and leave you with clean and healthy drinking water? There are numerous options to choose from, when it comes to water purifiers. Among the many offered by companies, one proven to be effective are carbon water filters. What Chemical Risks Are Present […]

Health Tips For Pet Owners from Our Water Treatment Specialists

Giving your furry friend a healthy balanced diet will help contribute to a long and happy life. Pets are always looking to play around—in the backyard, garden, bedroom, on the COUCH! But let’s admit it; our lives would be very empty without them. They’re not just our pets; they’re family. Our team has come up […]

Which Water Filtration System Is Best For Drinking Water?

Water filters have become a necessity in every home. They help to maintain a clean water supply that is free from bacteria and chemicals. We at Ava Water Filters are committed to supplying our customers with quality products with a warranty so that they may receive clean water at all times. Each of our products is […]

Habits that Reduce Your Water Bill

When looking for ways to cut costs, homeowners do not usually pay much attention to saving up on their water bills. As inconsequential as it may seem, curtailing your water bill can also be a great way to implement a frugal lifestyle. Although it may not be your top-most priority, it can certainly do wonders […]

How a Whole House Water Filter Affects Your Cleaning

Have you felt your hair grow coarse over time? Or  that your skin is losing that supple and rosy look? Maybe your shower water is at fault and you need to do something about it as soon as possible before it starts affecting other facets of your life. A shower water filter could be an ideal solution. […]

5 Frightening Facts You Didn’t Know About Sulfur in Your Drinking Water

Have you ever felt your water smell a little like rotten eggs? Perhaps you dismissed the idea almost instantly; but for those whose water supplies might be contaminated with sulfur know the feeling.

The Potential Threat to Marine Life Due To Harmful Water Toxins

According to WWF, over 80% of marine pollution is directly attributable to land-based activities. This includes plastic waste like polythene bags to pesticides, which are dumped in water bodies, or are a result a runoff from rivers and drains. Marine life on the earth’s oceans has drastically escalated due to excess human activities. This can […]

Can Drinking Unfiltered Water Increase Risk of Cancer?

Since ancient times, drinking contaminated water has troubled our bodies and caused several diseases. Diseases such as Cholera, Diarrhea, and Trichuriasis, could all be caused by toxic chemicals found in drinking water. One of the most dangerous diseases caused by drinking contaminated water is cancer. According to a research published in US National Library of […]

Chlorine in Your Daily Shower – Is It Making You Sick?

While it has been established that the contaminants in our drinking water can prove to be hazardous for our health, the idea that the same might be true of the shower water has not become as popular. Let’s delve deeper into the idea: