Why Active Carbon Block Water Filter Is Your Best Choice

Are you long for a water purifier that will eliminate all the impurities and leave you with clean and healthy drinking water?

There are numerous options to choose from, when it comes to water purifiers. Among the many offered by companies, one proven to be effective are carbon water filters.

What Chemical Risks Are Present In Your Water Supply?

What Are Carbon Water Filters?

Carbon is extremely absorbent. The material contains tiny pores which absorb all the impurities from the water.

The way that it works is that carbon is positively charged and so it attracts negatively charged impurities such as chemicals, chlorine and certain organic compounds. Carbon filters have been used for years to provide clean water to homes.

There are two kinds of filters commonly used: Activated Carbon and Carbon Block.

Activated Carbon(AC)

This natural material has the capability to absorb large amounts of chlorine. Some manufacturers even go to the extent of mixing together various kinds of carbon in order to achieve a specific kind of water quality.

It is an effective treatment to improve the taste and odor of the water and reduce its chemical content. It is also cheaper than the other options and can be re-used. Most filters are made using granular activated carbon (GAC).

Why is Carbon Block Your Best Choice?

The carbon block filter is the most effective treatment because the water travels through it faster than it does with activated carbon.

It has a larger surface area and so more water come into contact with it, which removes more impurities. It has the ability to eliminate even the tiniest particles contaminating the water.

Various kinds of carbon exists but the most commonly used in water filtration systems are wood, coconut and bituminous.

Coconut shell carbon is however the most effective in eliminating bacteria.

There are many risks to your family’s health. For that reason, it is necessary you explore how a water purification system can contribute to your household.

Whether it is for drinking, or washing food items in, your water needs to be free from harmful chemicals and diseases causing bacteria.

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