5 Frightening Facts You Didn’t Know About Sulfur in Your Drinking Water


Have you ever felt your water smell a little like rotten eggs? Perhaps you dismissed the idea almost instantly; but for those whose water supplies might be contaminated with sulfur know the feeling.

Making sure that your drinking water is safe from any traces of chlorine, sulfur or ammonia or any metal contamination is crucial to keeping water-related diseases at bay.

Sulfur contamination does exist. Hydrogen sulfide gas is the culprit responsible for that stringent odor emanating from your water. Heat causes this gas to fuse with the water, causing the odor to become apparent when one is under a hot shower.

Many homeowners install water shower filters to address this issue while some opt for superior quality whole house water filter systems to make sure their water supplies are not contaminated by any such chemical compound.

2As if this knowledge was not enough, here are some hardcore facts to get you thinking about securing your home with reliable water filters.

Freaky Fact # 1:

Bacteria breeds of sulfur, using it as an energy source to live in the soil. This chemical reaction releases hydrogen sulfide gas, which is what pollutes our water sources.

Smelling sulfur odor in your water is equal to ingesting bacterial waste into your respiratory system.

Freaky Fact # 2:

Sulfur contamination can lead to stains appearing on your sink and other toilet fittings. The bacterial reaction that produces the foul smelling compound is also responsible for producing slime. When slime lingers around your plumbing system, it has the potential to corrode your pipes, leading to a huge plumbing expense.

Freaky Fact # 3:

Sulfur is not only known for its contaminating properties but is an important mineral used in edibles; it is also, interestingly, considered a part of a balance diet.

However, when sulfur find its way into your drinking water supply from underground sources, it is likely to expose you to a higher risk of diarrhea and water loss through dehydration.

Freaky Fact # 4:

Your sense of taste is most likely to be affected by the presence of sulfur in your water supplies. This is because the smell that comes from sulfur compound is very strong and tends to cling to everything that it comes into contact with, especially around your hot water system. Practically everything around your house can start smelling of this awfully smelling compound.

Freaky Fact # 5:

The regulations set by the EPA do not take into account any test that detects the presence of hydrogen sulfide in water. This exposes most homeowners to an increased risk of sulfur contamination.

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